Our Processing Plant


To offer products of the highest quality and safety, managing the expectations of our customers, being an innovative company.


We work every day to provide the best quality services, based on the following: honesty, commitment, loyalty, humility, responsibility, respect, confidence and teamwork.


To be the leader in the market of frozen fruits through the transformation of products, obtaining it day to day.


Ensuring the quality and safety of our products achieving customer satisfaction through innovation and continuous improvement.

Our History

Opus Foods Mexico is a company dedicated to the commercialization of fresh fruit and processed both for the national market as to the international market. Born of the demand of our customers to the see that the current market could not fully satisfy their requirements.

It is a new company but with extensive experience in the food industry, providing a wide quality and safety of our food.

Our People

In Opus Foods are convinced that everyone should be treated fairly and with dignity, since all represent an important item in the company.

Our compromise with them is to create a culture of respect that leads them to feel proud to the be part of this company.

Our Infrastructure

Our facilities are completely systematized with a capacity of 50 tons per day of finished product.

Our production lines equipped with advanced technology to simplify work, ensuring quality in our selection of fruit.

We freeze and cold rooms that allow us to carry our products directly from the plant to our customers, helping it to avoid breaking the cold chain.

We have metal detectors and magnets.

Besides comfortable facilities, for the best performance of our employees.


La Haciendita #8,

Col. los Laureles.

Jacona, Michoacán.

01 (351) 516 1247